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---- 6.29.2015---

Last chapter of Divergent Paths now online. Getting close to the end...

----Mailing List ----

Per request, I've set up a Mailing List for anyone who wants to receive an email whenever I add a new scene. Email me if you wish to be added to that list (I'll need you to actually tell me to add your address to the list) and I'll add your name to the list. I absolutely abhor Spam, so the only messages you'll get from me are update messages. 

star trek: Endeavour

The Endeavour series is an ongoing attempt to tell the Earth-Romulan War through fanfiction that appeals to me as a heterosexual male, so it will be relatively light on romantic fluff and heavy on wartime action and drama (hence this is effectively military sci-fi set in the Star Trek: Enterprise era); that isn't to say that I'll be excising the romantic elements, merely that I won't be emphasizing them over the fact that Earth is at war for its very survival.  So, if you are expecting pure, unadulterated fluff, this is probably the wrong place for you 'cause I like blowing stuff up.  A lot.

As indicated by the banner at the top, I am very much a fan of the Charles Tucker III and T'Pol of Vulcan dynamic, and my writing reflects this fact. The Endeavour series takes place after the real finale of ENT, Terra Prime, and does not acknowledge that nonsensical "valentine" which was clearly propaganda spewed forth by supporters of ADM Pressman in an to attempt portray CDR Riker as an idiot. I also do not acknowledge the Relaunch series by PocketBooks although I have cribbed a name or two from them.

Use of the British spelling of Endeavour is intentional since it is derived from the space shuttle, OV-105, of the same name. The shuttle is further derived from Captain James Cook's (whom James T. Kirk was based on) HMS Bark Endeavour.

Who Am I?

I am Rigil Kent, a persistently single, disgruntled writer and gamer (video games and RPGs), ex-infantryman who occasionally wonders why I left Uncle Sam before remembering that I fraking hate mornings.  Hate them.  Viscerally.

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